DevStyle Delivery Log

CI 2021.3.8

This release addresses compatibility issues with Eclipse 2021-03 ensuring an optimal experience. In addition, hundreds of additional icons were moderated for this release (thanks alef75!), as well general fixes including better disabled icon support in Windows.

CI 2020.12.11

This release picks up additional fixes for stability and compatibility with Eclipse 2020-12.

CI 2020.7.20

This release picks up additional fixes for stability and compatibility with Eclipse 2020-06. Special thanks to Marko Z for an outstanding list of contributed icons!

CI 2020.5.5

This release includes fixes for stability and 3rd-party plugin compatibility, including a fix for Eclipse 2020-03 which could result in Trees not rendering correctly on specific Mac versions. It also includes CodeTogether, for pair programming from anywhere, for free.

CI 2019.9.16

The release includes support for Eclipse 2019-09, along with incremental improvements and customer fixes.

CI 2019.3.13

This DevStyle release takes advantage of the new dark mode in macOS Mojave, to make our dark themes look even better on this version of macOS. We also include a number of key fixes for all OSes, and recent Eclipse versions.

macOS Mojave

From context menus that finally have a dark background, to better looking text fields and cursors, we’ve fixed details that make this theme look awesome if you’re running Mojave. 

We’d like to mention that you don’t have to use the latest Eclipse version to take advantage of these improvements, even versions as old as Eclipse Neon will look great on Mojave.

Key Fixes

We’ve made a number of key fixes across all OSes:

  • Disabled labels on Windows, will no longer look blurry
  • On Windows, tree icon alignment was off in HiDPI, on light themes, and newer Eclipse versions (2018.12+) – this has been fixed
  • On some Linux distributions, the new startup dialog would be too small to use – this has been fixed
  • For those of you who asked, you can use Darkest Dark with the standard Eclipse icon set
  • Fixed several obscure coloring issues, especially in the CDT, and color preferences that weren’t retained on restart
  • In case you missed it with the last update, the drop-down arrows on the toolbar are now easily visible in dark themes